About Me

I’m a free thinker.

My brain has got its freedom to think about anything.

So, I think that…
I am athletic. I surf the net.
I have my own private jet and I use 1 million USD as my toilet paper.
My father is Zeus, the King of Gods.
Lied, I don’t believe in any god.

Ok, I’ll make it clear.
I’m a great pretender.
I pretend to not knowing anything to make you feel better.
I pretend to be innocent to make you feel superior.
I pretend to be normal so you don’t know that I’m incredible. Yea, you will never know.

When someone throws me Rule #31, I would simply say: “YES.”

FYI, I’m an ENTJ (like anyone cares).
So is The Apple Master Steve Jobs (seriously, no one cares!)

I love reading and analysing literature. That is why this blog came out at the first place. I meant it to help students out there who need some literary analysis.

Travelling is also my passion, whether it’s for myself or for someone very special I care about. I hope that this part of me could also help people who need some information about any travel destination.

The name is KARINA anyway.

Indonesian, who is currently living and working in Singapore.

3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Chetan! Thanks for your comment! (Sorry, I’ve just read it).
      Really hope that you can enjoy this website.I wish I can post something about my journey to India someday.

      Yes, I will visit your country someday 🙂


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