Dear Facebook, You Might Be Able to Save Lives if You’re Willing to. (An Open Letter)

Dear Facebook,

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

First of all, I’m your big fan.
Second, even a big fan could be disappointed sometimes.
Third, my disappointment is reasonable.

Here is the story:

On December 6th 2016 around noon, a screenshot of a girl’s post, which apparently offended some radical Muslims in Indonesia was shared to a Facebook group called FPI Karawang*. From there, the screenshot along with her closed up photos and some information about her continued spreading to other groups and also individual timelines. Most comments were horrifying. They discussed about how to find the girl, how and when to report her to the police, some (hopefully not on a serious note) even said: “Gotta end her life otherwise blasphemy towards Islam would continue.”

Suddenly someone who knew her shared her old address to this group and they plan an attack to the house. Good news: she doesn’t live there anymore, not even close. Bad news: her mom and twin sister live in the house. They might be the one who would get in trouble next.

The girl is my friend. I don’t live in Indonesia so all I can do to help is by calming her down via text and call. Other than that, I and some friends tried to report all provocative posts about her to FB. But this is all we got:

A day passed, the girl was frustrated. She was worried about her family and yet the FPI group members keep spreading the post and planning about the attack. At night, we couldn’t contact her and someone informed us that she was about to commit suicide.

A friend who is working for Facebook then gave us this advice:

“If you want to report a post which is in Indonesian language, you better change your FB setting to Indonesian so it will be reviewed by Indonesian team.”

So we did. We tried hard to report all posts about her, original and shared ones and of course we also reported the Facebook Page and accounts of people who are very provocative about this, those who think that her blood is halal (in Islam it means that it’s OK to kill her). Still the same answer from FB: It doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

Excuse me, which community standard? This one?

 Isn’t that exactly what we reported?

For every rejection from FB, I gave a feedback like this:

“The post I reported was promoting an attack to a young girl because of her post which offended radical Muslims in Indonesia. They’ve been spreading her address and plan to attack her and her family in the house. Please ask your Indonesian team to review the post. It’s been shared to more radical Muslims now and the girl’s life is in danger. Because this post keeps spreading, she almost killed herself last night.”

And yet still no progress. Each friend who reported got the same answer.

Three days passed and on December 9th, the girl was hospitalised because she took 40 sleeping pills. Fortunately she’s still alive but her liver is damaged. She was released from the hospital four days later and she promised me that she won’t do it again.

FYI, the example I put on this open letter is only one of many which I know for sure because it happened to a friend. Right now, those radical Muslim Facebookers in Indonesia are targeting another girl for another “offensive” post about Islam. The post has been shared by more than 2,000 people and if you could read the provocative captions or comments on those posts, you would definitely understand why I’m writing this to you. Oh yes, we still get the same answer for reporting it: It doesn’t violate our Community Standards (CS).

So, Dear Facebook, here are my last three questions for you:
1. Did the reviewers decided to blatantly ignore your CS or is there nobody actually doing the reviews?
2. If a call to murder someone for their belief is not considered violating your CS then what is?
3. Shall we wait until someone lose their life or their future so you can fix your review system?


* FPI is Front Pembela Islam (Islamic Defenders Front), Karawang is a regency of West Java, Indonesia. Long story short, FPI is a bunch of radical Muslims who could easily attack people or make a riot when they get offended. They’re really proud of it because their ideology FTW and fuck others.

3 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, You Might Be Able to Save Lives if You’re Willing to. (An Open Letter)

  1. Dear Karina, do yoy ahve a lunk to the abusive comments? the more people that report it the more certain it is to gain attention from FB.


    • OMG so many typo’s.. sorry wrote it in a hurry cause I was rattled by the situation…
      If you could send me a link that would be great. And if you are ok I would like to post the link to my friends on FB and ask them to collectively make abuse reports. The more people the more attention from FB.


      • Hi Marisa! Thanks for your response and willingness to help about this!
        This is the link which is quite viral now and very threatening:

        FYI, the photo of her naked from behind while watching the FPI demonstration is a hoax, someone made it up.


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