10 Most Amazing Places You Must Visit in Bandung

These are 10 wonderful natural places you can visit in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I put some simple but hopefully useful information you can consider before visiting Bandung. Note that there is one mandatory activity you have to do in all places:

Taking photos! A lot of it!

1. Tangkuban Perahu

Description: A beautiful volcano and crater in the North of Bandung. 

Activities : Trekking, enjoying the views while eating grilled corn/grilled sticky rice.

Entrance Fee : US$15/person + US$1/car.


 2. Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village)

Description : It’s an interesting new concept of natural tourism place which offers many facilities such as hotel, restaurant, camping and outbound area, located in Lembang, Bandung.

Activities : Exploring the place, outdoor activities, dine in, rent a hotel room.

Entrance Fee : US$3/person + US$2/car.

3. Curug Cimahi (Cimahi Waterfall)

Description : A beautiful hidden waterfall which is the highest one in Bandung (87m).

Activities : Trekking to the waterfall (there are 587 steps)  and enjoy the beauty of it. You may have a natural shower too if you want to, but being naked is not allowed :p 

Entrance Fee : US$2/person + US$1/car.

4. Kawah Putih (White Crater)

Description : It’s an amazing striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater. The surrounding area is heavily forested and misty. When I was there, I felt like I was in a movie setting, it’s just better and real. You’re recommended to bring a masker in case you don’t like the smell of sulfur.

Activities : Explore the surrounding area. 

Entrance Fee : US$2/person + US$12/car.

 5. Ciwalini Tea Plantation

Description : A wonderful massive  tea plantation in Ciwidey, Bandung. It’s green! Green everywhere!

Activities : Enjoy the beauty! Pose! Ask someone else to take lots of pictures of you!

Entrance Fee : $0 (YEAY!)

 6. Situ Patenggang (Patenggang Lake)

Description : Naturally beautiful lake also in Ciwidey, South of Bandung.

Activities : Exploring, taking boat around the lake, eat some traditional meal (the grilled fish is great!).

Entrance Fee : US$15/person + US$10/car + US$22/boat (max capacity 15/boat).

Situ Patenggang3

You can take a boat to travel around the lake.

Situ Patenggang2

The lake is surrounded by beautiful forest and tea plantation.

 7. Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

Description : This is the most beautiful waterfall in Bandung which is located in Cicada Village (the West part of Bandung).

Activities : Trekking to the waterfall. It’s quite difficult to get there but hey, it’s worth it!

Entrance Fee : Approximately US$1/person + US$1/car.

8. De’Ranch

Description : It’s a country style family resort in Lembang, Bandung.

Activities : Horse riding, dine in at a country style food court. 

Entrance Fee : 50 cents/person + 30 cents/car.

9. Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (Juanda Forest Park) – Taman Wisata Maribaya (Maribaya Tourism Park)

Description : A conservation area that combines the secondary nature and pine (Pinus Merkusil) forest that is located in the sub-watershed Cikapundung, Citarum, Bandung. It is connected to Maribaya Tourism Park.

Activities : Trekking.

Entrance Fee : US$6/person 

10. Ciwidey Strawberry Plantation

Description : Strawberry plantation where we can buy strawberries by picking them by ourselves.

Activities : Picking strawberries and eat them!

Entrance Fee : US$3-8/person.


P.S.: The entrance fee I stated are especially for foreigners (tickets for local are usually much cheaper) and all are subject to change. So if you read this in 2030, please be aware that I made the post in 2016 and I’m sure that many things have been changed. I’ll try to update though 😉

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