The Godless Community Saved my Life. Altruism FTW!

December 2015 has been a quite a tough month for me. On 17th, I was admitted at a hospital in Singapore. The illness was quite life threatening. It has been said that 6 out of 10 people with this condition will die. So, statistically speaking, my chance to keep living was only 40%. Funny because it was the first time I got hospitalised in my life and apparently everything went wrong. Never got any symptom before and I always take care of my body the whole time. In that week, my body dropped so bad that they put me in a place called “A-cute Care Area” because I was considered seriously ill and cute at the same time. It’s basically like an ICU for people who are still conscious. While I was there, I could only operate well for like 10%-30% of a day. I could use it to talk with guests and use my phone to communicate sometimes but it was quite difficult because I got many pipes and wires connected to my chest, hand and arms. Some friends said that I’m a tough girl, but at that moment, I couldn’t even peel my favorite orange by myself. I became a very weak one 😰.

The hospital and its high tech facilities were awesome. I got real intensive cares and most nurses were experienced. Doctors too, of course. Most of them look so young though so sometimes I’m afraid of being judgemental.

However, with good treatments, comes very expensive bill. I had to discharge myself against medical advice just after I got out of the ICU in the day #5 and continued my medication in Indonesia because Murphy’s Law happened; I was in between job and insurance couldn’t cover my medical bill. My previous work pass in Singapore has been cancelled in the end of November and I was still waiting for my new employment pass to be approved. So my status in Singapore was a foreigner. Health insurance in Singapore couldn’t cover me because of that and health insurance in Indonesia couldn’t cover me too because I had been not residing there for more than a year. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame insurance companies at all. It’s just the situation which was so bad. Murphy’s Law at its best.

The whole situation was really devastating for me. First, the shocking illness, then the fat medical bills while I had a thin bank account and I have to survive until I start my new job. I could not rely on my family for that because we’re far from rich and even in my worst situation, my family still needs my financial support. Fortunately I have this generous godless man-friend (I called him so because he’s not a boy anymore and he’s the man! 😝). He helped me to pay the bills on the day I discharged myself from the hospital. It was a debt which I will pay fully once I get back on my feet.

The main eye opener story starts here. In a night when I was doubting myself whether I could fight the illness or not, I posted some kind of good-bye message on Facebook and then my humanist friends started to contact me. A day after the post, Indonesian Atheists community started to collect donation to help me financially and in the end of the year, I received the fund which could cover 65% of my medical bills! It really was a huge amount of money for me. It literally made me cry especially because some of members who helped me haven’t even met me in person. We were just connected via Facebook. This charity doesn’t just help me financially to pay my debt and also to continue my medical treatment which has not been done yet, but also increased my spirit to get well real soon because life seems so much more wonderful when you know that you’re loved 😊.

This is not the first time the community did a charity movement. Indonesian Atheists raised funds for a few other members who were in needs and also for victims of many causes like earthquake which happened either in Indonesia or other countries.

It proves that people can be good without God, that people can sincerely help others without the promise of eternal life and the threat of punishment.

It proves that Altruism exists and Atheism and Altruism are a good fit because selflessness achieves our selfish goal of survival and help us thrive as a community.

It is human nature to give. It is human nature to need to be an upstanding member of society. We are biologically programmed to form groups and work together. It is the way we are. Altruism is something that evolved that has become key to our very survival. It is as natural as eating, breathing, fear, sex, and everything else we do to survive. So in spite of what the Objectivists say, Atheists are as normal and as generous and live a life that is not that different than believers. Other than spending no time in talking with imaginary friend(s), we are just like everyone else. We are normal people just like you are.

If religion goes away, if tomorrow there were no believers, society would not degenerate into selfish anarchy. Morality would not go away. We wouldn’t become a lawless culture. Right and wrong would still exist. Why? Because these are things that are necessary for survival. So believers need not fear that an Atheistic society is going to bring down humanity. If God doesn’t exist and Realism took over the culture, all the good stuff stays. People will still live in peace and harmony, love each other, take care of each other, and be generous. In fact one could say Atheist generosity is more generous than religious generosity because we don’t have a selfish reason that compels us to be generous. We just do it out of the natural goodness of our hearts.

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