The Irony of Being a Self Proclaimed ‘Open Minded Religious Person’; It’s Like Saying: “I’m a Vegetarian but I Eat Meat.”

So, as an Indonesian, most of my relatives and friends are God fearing fellas who would stand up for their religion, spread the words of wisdom about how good and peaceful it is, why it’s the best among others and why people should respect it.

On the other hand, they want to appear as open minded-well informed-smart ass people who could live in a free world with others who don’t share the same beliefs. They do cool things which are against their religious values such as:

– getting drunk/high on drugs 

– eating pork (being cool just because it’s ridiculously forbidden)

– doing non marital sex (with a kafir!)

– being a prostitute… 

Yes, seriously, I know some “religious prostitute”. They do sex for money but they post prayers and religious stuffs on their Facebook Timeline. Then they would get offended when I make fun of their holy religion without realising that they’ve been making fun of it even more by being themselves. 
Which is ironic. And funny.

Here is my advice: 

Be yourself and do whatever makes you happy as long as you can control it, be safe, and make sure that you won’t make a mess or hurt people around you; because you live only once. And if you believe in an afterlife based on your religious views, you will definitely go to hell anyway. Am I right or am I very right?

That being said, you better not sound silly by being such a living oxymoron. Stop bitching about being a vegetarian when you eat meat everyday.

2 thoughts on “The Irony of Being a Self Proclaimed ‘Open Minded Religious Person’; It’s Like Saying: “I’m a Vegetarian but I Eat Meat.”

  1. Always love ur posts in social media..and certainly admire ur courage. Won’t be able to be as brave as u..being open and all. All I can say is more power to u Karina..God bless u. Well..u know what I mean 😊


    • Hi Roy!
      Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Much appreciated!
      Also, thanks for the blessing, I feel like I just sneezed whenever someone says “Bless you!” xD

      Not sure if I’m brave or stupid for being this open in the bigotry society. The thing is that I’ve been tired of pretending like I’m not what I am. Being the real me makes me feel better even though I got some relatives who then hate me. On the other side, I got some supports from new people who can accept me just the way I am. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I still can be loved for being myself 🙂

      Anyway, I’m wondering if I know you in person or not?


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