Why a Foreigner Queuing for Hours to Pay (Semi) Final Respects to Lee Kuan Yew?

“Why? You’re not even a Singaporean!”

Said a friend after I told him that I was queuing for two hours to give the (semi) final respect to Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House of Singapore.

I told my friend that I’ve promised a Singaporean friend to join him and I would feel so bad if I just leave him alone there, which is true, but it’s not the only reason. Here is my main reason:

A man who has given his life to build a wonderful place to live in deserves respect from everyone, regardless his/her nationality. I admire Lee Kuan Yew for what he has done, for his achievement, for his hard work and struggle in building a 300 sq mi nation with few population and food source into become a first world country in such significant time periods. He was not alone, for sure, but it is not too much to respect him this way since he was the one who led the team and only a great leader could do that.

Do you think that Lee Kuan Yew was that perfect?

Oh come on, nobody was/is. We admire and respect him for good result he has achieved. However, haters gonna focus on the flaws and simply hate. I see no point in debating them about it though. They have no idea how lucky they are being born and raised in such a good and organised place instead of a chaotic one where you can’t even get clean water, where “democracy” is just a something to be abused instead of being implemented, where people could simply break the rules and easily harm others without being feared of law enforcement because even authorities do not care otherwise can be bribed. Where corruption is everywhere. You pay tax higher but you get nothing in return, unless you are a corruptor 🙂

It’s human nature of not being satisfied by what they’ve got. It could be good in some way though. For those who think that Singapore could get even better than it is now IF Lee Kuan Yew did this or didn’t do that, then it’s time to make it real with your hands. There is no point in mocking people for respecting him too much.

What’s the point of respecting a dead man while he wouldn’t even know about it?

Fine question especially if it is asked to me, one who doesn’t believe in afterlife nor reincarnation. The thing is, I don’t do it to be shown to Lee Kuan Yew, but to his mourning family, relatives, people, and to the world. It is something inspiring to make the death of a great man as a big deal. Millions people and kids all over the world might get motivated to be great men too, so that their family would be proud of them even when they pass away, so that their legacy will forever remain strong. It is important for me, to be a very small part of a good act.

And this is my final respect to Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015), The Founding Father and First Premier of Singapore.

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