Transportation in Bali

1. Bus

You can take bus to travel from a city to another in Bali and beyond (you can also go by bus to East Java, Lombok & Flores). There is this trusted and comfortable bus company called Perama Tour and you can find it easily in some major tourist destinations or you can book it online from the website:

Trans Sarbagita, a government bus service, has also been operating to take you around South Bali. Unfortunately it’s not available in another part of Bali and even in the South Bali, it has only one route, which is Route 2 as you can see on the picture below:

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2. Taxi

Just like Trans Sarbagita, taxis are also only available in South Bali which is around Denpasar, Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Bukit Peninsula, Tanah Lot, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur and Nusa Dua. If you are in any of that place, you can easily get metered taxi but as I’ve informed you before on the “Things you Better Know Before Travelling in Bali”, you have to be careful to pick the reliable taxi (Bali Taxi/Blue Bird is the only true god!). If you can’t find any taxi around you, you can call them to this number ☎ +62 361 701111 and wait for them to pick you up wherever you are (as long as they can reach you).

This is how Blue Bird taxi look like. Don't get deceived by other blue taxis if you don't want to be cheated!

This is how a Blue Bird taxi looks like. Don’t get deceived by other blue taxis if you don’t want to be cheated!

3. Rented Self-Drive Car or Motorbike

It is not a problem to rent a motorbike or car to be used by yourself in any part of Bali. You can find this service anywhere including your hotel/hostel and price is very competitive since many people do this business. To rent a car, the price is about IDR200,000 – IDR400,000 (USD15-35) per 24 hours depends on the class of the car. To get motorbike, you have to spend IDR40,000 – IDR100,000 (USD3 – USD8) per day, and it would be much cheaper if you rent it weekly or even monthly.

Driving in Bali might be an issue for some tourists. It’s on the left-hand side and the traffic is pretty much TERRIBLE :D. You would also need the International Driving Permit (IDP) plus your own home country driving license. Don’t forget to use helmet every time you ride a motorbike. Otherwise, you might get caught by polices who would ask you to bribe them so that you can free to go. Interesting, isn’t it? 😉

4. Rented Car with a private Driver

If driving by yourself is indeed an issue for you, why don’t you hire your private driver instead? This might be the best option for first time visitors. Price is not too expensive, it’s between IDR300,000 to IDR600,000 per 10-12 hours depending on your negotiation skill, route and class/age of the car. Some drivers could represent a travel agent and would take you to places which have been routed by them. Others could go wherever you want as long as you come back to the first place you go before 10-12 hours. In this case, you make your own route which could be a benefit if you already know where to go and that’s why you need this post! 😉

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