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The first thing you have to consider when you are about to travel to Nepal is: get rid of your bikini or swim suit. There is no beach in this landlocked country. Well, unless you plan to go somewhere “beachy” after. You might want to bring some trekking or even hiking stuffs since as everyone knows, Nepal is the country of Mount Everest and Himalayan Mountains. BUT, if you have only a week or even less than that, don’t bother. You still can trek without any equipments in some hills around Lake Phewa. Well, at least just bring a bottle of water. And your feet.

Before starting the trip, notice that you would need at least a week to get your Wonderful Nepali Experience. The more the better but sometimes life doesn’t give you whatever you want. So doesn’t your boss.

OK, it’s time to start our trip! Follow me and let’s get lost together!

First thing first: Fly to Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

This is the only international airport in Nepal. Once you arrive, take a taxi to your hotel or wherever you plan to stay (friend’s house, friend’s office, temple, or on the street). Don’t bother looking for metered taxis because they don’t exist in Kathmandu. You have to bargain. However, it’s not expensive, it’s about NPR250 or USD2.5 for 15-20 minutes ride (price of April 2014 when I was there). I would suggest you to stay at hotel/hostel around Thamel because the location is quite strategic plus you can meet many other travellers and also local people there.

Day #1 in Kathmandu

Assume that you have only two days in this city. A day when you arrive, another one before you have to fly back to your country. What would you want to do there? Check out my another post about travelling around Kathmandu by clicking here or on the picture below:


Day #2 Part 1: Bhaktapur (The City of Devotees)

To get to Bhaktapur from Kathmandu, you have to take a bus from Bus Park. I know that most of us would be illiterate when we are in Nepal because almost everything is written in Nepali. The simplest way to know which bus will go to Bhaktapur is by asking to people around (you don’t say, Kar!). Might be not that easy though, because many people can’t speak English there 😀


Bus Park, Kathmandu

It will take about an hour from Bus Park to Bhaktapur. Once you reach the City of Devotees, take your camera out of your bag and take good pictures of awesome old temples as you can see here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day #2 Part 2: Nagarkot

If you don’t have time to hike Mount Everest, at least please yourself to see that highest mountain in the world with your own eyes. To reach the goal, you can go to Nagarkot which is not very far from Bakhtapur. So, after having fun taking pictures and enjoying the old buildings and temples in Bakhtapur, you can continue taking a bus to Nagarkot. The bus will stop somewhere about 2.5 km before the peak and you would have to do some exercise by walking there.

Here are some pictures of village views you can see from the bus while on the way to the peak of Nagarkot. I don’t know the name of the village but it looks so beautiful with all green rice fields and colourful buildings 😀

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Once the bus stop and you continue walking to the peak, you might find some view points where you can see some parts of Himalayan Mountains and some villages below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 3 until 6: POKHARA.

This is my favourite city in Nepal so far. Once you get to this part of Nepal you would feel the different environment, especially the nature. Air and water are clear here. View? Don’t ask! Everywhere you go, if the weather is pretty clear, you can see the snowy top of Himalayan mountains as the background. Stay near Lake Phewa then everything would feel so perfect. Do you want to know why? Let’s explore more about Pokhara by clicking here or on the picture below!


Now, you’re ready to explore the amazing Nepal! Have a great trip! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Explore the Amazing Nepal | Nepal Travel Guide

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  2. Went to Nepal-my country same as you last year. Great country with big potential..that’s all I will say for now. Greetings from UK.


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