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  • Organised power cut. It happens not only in Kathmandu, but also in all over Nepal. You might get electricity at night only, except maybe if you stay at five stars hotels which have their own generators. But if you are not millionaire or at least do not plan to stay at a high class hotel, prepare yourself to face that fact. At night before you sleep (impossible to do it while you’re asleep), charge all of your important high tech stuffs such as camera, phone, laptop, vibrator, etc.
  • Tap water is not for you to consume. This is important especially for tourists who come from developed countries and who are used to drink from tap water. DO NOT EVER TRY TO DO THIS IN NEPAL. That’s it. I hope you understand why even though I don’t give you any explanation. JUST DON’T, OK? DON’T!
  • Exhaust fumes, dirt & dust. Kathmandu and some other cities around it have poor quality of air. You might want to wear mask as many locals also wear it to avoid ingesting horrible fumes. Also, dust and dirt road could make it hard to breath. Wearing glasses can be a good idea to protect your eyes.
  • No meter taxi. Bargain! That’s one of the most important ability you should have while travelling in Kathmandu. The price that taxi drivers offer is usually reasonable though, travelling in Nepal is not expensive.
  • Surprise, surprise! Despite all things you have to prepare to adapt in Kathmandu, be ready to be surprised by many amazing things you will find, see, meet, consume and feel. Many historical ancient places & temples you can visit, many good food and many super nice people you can be friends with. PS: many attractive people there but it’s up to you to fall in love with any of them or not, I’m not your matchmaker.


1. Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur) – The most popular UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal. There are many temples you can visit and some events you can watch or join in this area. You can also buy some souvenirs and again, don’t forget to bargain for the price!

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Shopping spot at Kathmandu Durbar Square

Shopping spot at Kathmandu Durbar Square

The Indonesian Girl and her two Nepali friends plus hundreds of new bird friends.

The Indonesian Girl and her two Nepali friends plus hundreds of new bird friends.

Noooo! Birds, please don't kill me!

Noooo! Birds, please don’t kill me!

In Kathmandu Durbar Square, you can also see monks with different styles. Some of them allow you to take picture with them for money. Call it charity and perhaps that’s how those “touristic monks” make money.

We bless you! xD

We bless you! xD

2. Thamel Chowk – A tourist neighborhood with many restaurants, cafe, bars and shops. A heaven for shoppers!


So little time so many to buy.


Buy from us, Ma’am! Many colours and many discount here!

3. Swayambhu (Monkey Temple) – One of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Nepal and is one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Foreigner tickets for a multiple entry pass: NPR750.

Buddha's eyes are watching us

Buddha’s eyes are watching us.

Prayer wheels. Have you put yours?


Now you know why it’s called Monkey Temple 😀

4. Narayanhiti Palace Museum – The former Royal palace which was turned partly into a Museum and partly into the Foreign Ministry after the abolition of the monarchy in 2009. Ticket: NPR500.



Narayantihi Gate.

Inside the palace.

5. Pashupatinath – An important Hindu temple to Shiva in the form of Lord of Animals. Ticket: NPR1,000.

The view from outside.

Funky Monk!

Funky Monk!

6. Garden of Dreams / Kaiser Mahal – This peaceful walled garden is beautifully renovated in partnership with Austrian government. Currently has two pavilions depicting two of the six annual seasons in the Hindu calendar. It is located near Thamel and former Royal Palace. Ticket: NPR200.

The Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams



Kaiser Library

7. Buddha Neelkanth Temple (Narangdham– An Idol of Bhagwan Vishnu in a sleeping position surrounded by water. It is located 6km from Main Bus Park. 

Sssshh! Vishnu is sleeping!


I hope that this information is helpful enough. If you need some more info or want to make any correction of my post please let me know via comment. Enjoy your short trip in Kathmandu! 🙂

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